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Painting with flowers :)) I

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Reading your comment was fun to, 2dogs7cats, thanks for a big smile and you are always welcome. :))


This iris was in my front patio last spring and I hope that in a few months, around the beginning of May usually I'll see it again. I planted mine six years ago and every spring I'm delighted to see them again. :))
I'm glad you liked the flowers crocheted into squares - thats what made the 3D effect - the flowers were converted into brushes and it's the flower brush stroke that you see in the squares, it's just as the title said, this was painted with flowers, and the single flower on top of the squares, is just a single brush stroke.
LOL Now you know again more than you ever wanted to know. Have a wonderful morning and an agreeable day, keep warm and cosy in front of your computer and enjoy the day. :))


Yes, Mandy, while watching TV, I took out the yarn and the crochet hook and got going, then I stuck the squares to a board, went ot my garden to get some flowers with the same shade of the squares, then fastened the flowers on top of them, uploaded everything very carefully to Jigidi and had them saw it out, and now thanks to your effort all the pieces are together again LOL


This puzzle was a ton of fun, loved it. Thanks


Love your flowers, Dagmar. I can almost smell the lilac. The iris reminds me of my tablecloth and gets me wondering and hoping mine will bloom this year. They were just leaves last year. My childhood backyard neighbor had them in her yard. She has taken them with her on her many moves and sent me some from her thinning two years ago. They don't bloom the first year so I'm looking forward to this year. I love the colors on the petunia, top left. Then you have this amazing 3D background that looks like crocheted squares. Beautiful Dagmar. Sorry I can't lightened your load this week. Take care of you and get your sleep. That will help most of all.


Thanks Dagmar, those fresh cut flowers are wonderful - did you crochet the squares???