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The Boards are Melted!

48 pieces
109 solves
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Mimi & Ardy - I am so glad both liked this one! It was an experiment!


Solve 99, Jan. Poor Boards. Now that you are firing the kiln who knows what will happen. Fun puzzle. Thanks.


Zowie! I like these melted boards!


Thanks so much, Edie. I fear that I did. I get things a bit mixed up these days! :D


Did you decide to get an early start to your weekend and baked these in your kiln for us. Love the effect. Thanks Jan.


Rosie - there are a lot of scary creatures in there. Have you been watching too many sic-fi / horror movies? LOL I am smiling because you enjoyed looking at this one in detail. Thanks so much, my friend! I love your descriptions!!!


The top second from the left looks like a frightened, colorful glass figurine and the green, blue and black (first one in second row on the left) looks like wiggly ghosts and the last one in that row looks like goblins. I also see a few green dinosaurs and then a bunch of Rorschach tests. Interestinger and interestinger!!!!!


Magda - I know what you mean! But, we do what we can do. It's nice to see you!!

Hester - darn it! You are SO right. That's part of that past-40 thing! LOL


This is what happens when you mix up your fused glass and your kaleidos, Jan! Poor little fellas got all hot and bothered! :-)


This is faantastic Jan. I had not seen it, before yppou mentioned it on my puzzle.I have less time now, but always manage to find a few of my favorits. Thank you dear.


LOL, JC! Thanks!!

Pat - Oh, we have seen them all in some form or other before they melted! :D

Chickie - that has happened to me. I hate it when it does! Thanks!

Willy - I am so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you!! And, you are on the board!


This was also a great one Jan, it was real fun,
Willy. 2:54


So hot infact, the puzzle didn't want to load for awhile.


But they were so pretty--they didn't deserve to suffer the same fate as the Wicked Witch of the West! LOL! Clever and cool composition! :-)))


Yep, Jan, your puzzles are really hot!


Thanks so much Pattiann! I'm happy you liked it!!


cool picture, nice idea