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The quail's new pen

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My son and son in law helped me set it up yesterday.


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I sympathize with you, Edie. It had to be emotionally difficult to realize another animal killed your two.


Yes, do not bring chicks home. You can't keep them in the house and especially not with 5 cats.
Thanks for the link will check it out later. This guy didn't make a sound and was the size of a red squirrel. Couldn't believe that he killed my biggest rooster and also the biggest rabbit. If I had a shovel nearby when he was in the cage I think I would have easily landed it on his head. I was that angry.


LOL Rosie. I somehow can't eat what I feed. Nothing against eating chicken or quail, just not mine :-))


Hi Edie, thanks for this set tonight. I'm so glad to hear you're feeling a bit better. That must be such a relief.

Two things: first, I live across the street from a house that has a sign for eggs, chicks, farm things like that. I've been afraid to go in, because I'm worried I might come home with a couple of chicks, after reading about all your escapades, and then what would I do?! With all my house issues, all I need is a pair of chicks...

Second, speaking of weasels, at dinner at my sister's earlier, a friend of Amy mentioned she lived in a fairly rural area next to a nature preserve. She sees all sorts of animals, and mentioned fisher cats. I had never heard of them. She couldn't really describe them well. Imagine my surprise when I got home and researched them. They're actually weasels, not unlike martins and wolverines. Cat indeed. They make an ungodly sound when they scream. Here's a link to a video of one:


Wow, you are so handy. I would never know how to do something like this but I'm mighty handy in the house--can fix just about everything. Lucky quail---they would have been dinner by now at my house.


Thanks everyone. The pen is better than the old one but with the old one I could lock them in the rabbit cage for the night here I can't lock them up. That double rabbit cage is too big for here and also hard for me to reach eggs when they lay them in the far corners of the cage. I may switch this hutch out for a small rabbit cage. A predator like a weasel could dig under the fence. That's how the last ones were killed but the fence was just chicken wire, this one is more substantial. At the time I had no idea that there were weasels around here. It struck 3 times in a matter of a few months and since then I've never seen it again.
I've had episodes with vertigo for 20 years now Barb. Sometimes very severe, flat on my back, other times milder like this last one. It's not my ears.


What a fabulous pen, Edie. Is it safe from predators? Our main ones over here are foxes and they can tunnel under and jump high over if it's not closed in.


Well, I see a side career (in your spare time, LOL) as a construction worker! Great job, Edie!!


That's quite a nifty looking pen, Edie. Glad to hear you're feeling much better now. I wonder if you had a slight ear infection which could have given you vertigo?


Thanks Ardy and Sally. Yes that always works Ardy, food and drink and they will come. You see the small door? The wire fence is cut there and overlaps onto the other side. When you open the door the wire is attached to it and just bends with the door. Works pretty well. We also put plastic snow fence over the top and then a tarp which continue down the back. They were dry this morning after the rain we had so I guess it's working ok. The other male and his mate are still in the old quail cage. They can never be put back together. This pen could hold a few more so if I hatch more eggs I may put a couple more females in her. I bought it off Kijiji last week Sally and had the frame all assembled. I need them to help me attach the chain link around it. The vertigo is almost gone Ardy. Only notice it now if I turn my head quickly or bend down but certainly bearable. Thanks for asking.


That's a professional pen if I ever saw one.... You all did a great job... Going to be some happy quail.... :) :))))


Will they all live in there? What about the two males? That's quite a pen, Edie. I see the bottom half is reinforced with wire they can't get through and escape. But how do you get in? Works pretty good - lure them with food and put them to work. :-))) How are you doing today?