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Floating ashore :)) I

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Thanks to you Mary, it's nice to hear that you liked the kaleido flowers floating ashore, reading lovely comments is something that always makes me smile and in a morning with loads of work ahead that is a wonderful thing. :))
Thanks for your visit and you are always welcome. :))


Beautiful flowers floating ashore! Love it! Doing the Flowers Floating Ashore Dance! Thanks, Dagmar!


Thank you Kathy, positive feedback is always very welcome, especially form somebody as creative as yourself. Every time I have a look at your puzzles I find something beautiful and surprising. :))
Thanks for dropping by. :))


I must agree with you Mandy, it would be wonderful to find such colourful shells at the beaches. :)))
Thanks for coming round. :))


Good morning Ardy - at least here it is - I was also thinking of sand dollars when I made this image and I can't help you much with the shell ID's. :))
The the news on the waterstain front are the same, I'm still not sure when they finally will turn up, let's see what today will bring. The workfront news is the same as well, so I'm afraid there won't be much Jigidi this week as well. :(((
Thanks for your concern and for your alwyas lovely comments. :))))))


What a beautiful, creative, and fun puzzle Dagmar!!!! Thank you :-) Kathy


Beautiful flotsam, I wish such wonders washed up on our beach!!! Thanks for a lovely puzzle Dagmar :~)


Beautiful sand dollars in with scallops, starfish, a whelk and a snail. (Not sure of my shell ID's) I love the colors in the top left. There's a real feel of moving water here which is much nicer than the growing stain on your wall. Wish I could send someone to help. Thanks for a delightful puzzle.


I suppose that goes with the profession, everybody is having problems with the economical situation here in Spain, but I suppose that plumbers are the exception, as long as we need heating and water they always will have more than enought work. :)))
Now I'll have to run. I have more than overstayed, as usual. LOL
Have a nice evening and good night. :)))


I'm feeling much recovered thank you very much, Dagmar. I hope you are feeling better too. :)))

And grrrrr re the plumber!! How annoying. I hope you can get them sorted out quick smart! And I think tradesman (or tradies as we call them) are unreliable the world over!!


Good evening/morning Kirsten, I hope that by today you are recoverd and feeling well again. :))

I liked the outcome of this one as well and I'm glad that you found a favourite, although I don't think I'll post singles LOL.

My week will be more or less the same as the last two, no plumbers have turned up, the stain on my wall is nicely growing and today I'll see what I can do about it. :))) Living in Spain has its ups and downs.


I love your free-wheeling kaleidos, Dagmar! It's such a beautiful style. And these kaleidos are fabulous. That bottom left has stolen my heart today. Thanks so much. :)))

And I hope you are well, and facing a better week than last! And that the plumber has turned up and done the work!!!