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"There is a love of wild nature in everybody, ... whether recognized or no,..." -- John Muir

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Thank you, Yellowgal. How wonderful that you're so close to the duck pond!

What a handsome fella, isn't he? We have a duck pond 10 mins. from our house that has a good variety of ducks all summer plus 1 Great Blue heron, 1 kingfisher, and 2 Canadian geese . . . . go figure! Should go check soon to see if the geese have left yet. thanks, Patti :))


Thank you so much, Roseheather, for the tips! I have about 4 books going right now, but will put these on the list for near future!

Get lots of rest, and then enjoy the rest of your wallpapering. (I never did learn to do that. I always just ended up painting.)


Thank you, too, for your words of cheer. I will be okay, just need to "chill" for a bit to get my energy back. Three naps yesterday, one already today. It has slowed down our wallpapering, but we will get there. It was so much easier to do in the past. ; )


Was really quite easy, the books are near the computer. He really liked: "My Summer in the Sierra", by John Muir, but also "John Muir, Magnificent Tramp", by Rod Miller.


No hurry, Roseheather! Take care of yourself -- I hope you feel better soon. And thanks!


Sorry, PLG, I just noticed your inquiry about Muir. I will check on that. Not up to snuff right now so a bit slow.


Thank you, Annjax! Nice to see you!


What a magnificent fellow! Hope he makes it 'there' & back again. Thanks, Patti...........


He was, EF! :)

Thanks, Robbie! Have a wonderful time in Cape Breton!


Great photo PLG, hope to see a few next week in Cape Breton, thanks.


He's posing for you:)


Thank you, Jacques. :)

And thanks, Suzy -- I'll be right over. :)


Posted the eggplant/tomato/basil casserole recipe on my eggplant puzzle.


i agree with John Muir


Thanks, Colin! And thanks for the info. :)


Yes, he's a big 'un (and they do make delicious eating BTW - a lot less fat than a domestic goose). Smashing photo of him, Patti!

Shirley: they're not protected (at least not up here in Canada). In fact, they're regarded as a nuisance, especially by farmers and park visitors, as they make a horrendous mess. And if you get bombed by one, you'll be very glad that pigs can't fly!


Thanks, Shirley. I don't know if they are protected or not. There sure are a lot of them around.


Beautiful big bird, good size for Christmas Dinner, only joking, At a guess they would be a protected bird? Thanks Patti.


Then he was going the wrong way!!! He's supposed to go south, not west!


I believe this very fella may have flown over my house a few days ago!


Thanks, Celeste! Ha, ha, about eating him! (I have no trouble eating chickens that I buy already dead and plucked from the store. Would have to be terribly hungry to shoot something wild to eat.)


Ohhh Are we gonna eat him?
great picture! Thanks PLG.

and I am kidding on eating him..


Thank you, Lyndee. (We crossed!)


Thank you, Chickie.

Yes, Snooker. Seems like we get a lot of them as they stop on their way south. We miss them in the winter, but then we get others, like the common goldeneye, who are here only in winter.

Ank -- so glad you like him. Or her. I can't tell the difference with geese.

TS7 -- Ha, ha! I get it! Reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw. It had a picture of a beautiful deer and it said something like this: "There's room on this earth for all of God's creatures -- right next to the mashed potatoes!"

Roseheather -- thank you. I haven't read much of him, but have loved the quotes of his that I've run across. Would love to read something of his. Any recommendations for a first book?


Nice one PLG


Great capture of this Canadian. Muir, one that my husband enjoys reading.


Christmas dinner! Get it? A love of everybody! Just kidding, PGL. Thanks.


My favourite goose. And a perfect shot. Love it.

Heading south soon.


Perfect PLG!!!