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The Non-Awaited Bugosilogue....Page 8

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He doesn't just open them, he drinks them too!! Lela, what do you say?? Excellent red wine - again and again!!


Robertus....Funnily enough (or not, as the case may be) Rod-Bert the model spent a few years in Merbuda, in the early fifties......he was a ladies' dancing instructor.......Glad the nighty is having the desired effect.....
Mike's-2nd.-wife.......Glad your hubby is happy.....
Hanne-with-pipe....Yes, opening wine bottles can be fun!...
Pd-thingy.......If you leave them above their beds, they will be the last thing they see at night, and the first in the morning....should do the trick....


I think that I'll order two Bugosibrushes, to give to the parents of my two grandboys--the little tots are much too small (and have barely any hair) for the brushes to be used now, but they would make good warnings of what's in store for them in the future.......


I'm sure that my almost-son-in-law would love the Wine aerobics as he opens many bottles!! My daughter is too old for the Bugosibrush so we'll leave that for another time.


definitely need the naughty child broom, like Nancy my daughter is an inch shorter than me and pretty wirey. Hopefully it will serve as an intimidator.....My Husband loved the last shipment.......


Lela I am finally solving puzzles again. First, thank you very much for sending my goody bag so quickly, the nighty looks........well Jenny seems to be going out every night and coming home that a hint maybe?! This page is terrific, that is the perfect gear for moped riders. The traffic is so bad, people are so impatient that there are more accidents than ever. This way tourists can bounce their way around the Island. Your model looks so handsome especially with that helmet on! Thanks and I will take 2 of each today.


You're welcome cakes!...And Happy Birthday! (Card tomorrow -hee-hee!).....


Eight down ...... (each funnier than the last) ...thanks Lela!! ;)
(time, 1:43)


Nancy-after-the-war......full instructions are included - it's easy once you get the hang of it....maybe practice first on someone smaller......


I must have the naughty child and dirty floor broom, to use on my 15 year old grandson with a full head of hair I am sure he will do a good job on my floors. He is about 4 inches taller than me so turning him may be a problem but I will work it out.


Look at all the stars


Plumpy........These outfits go through enough stretching without the unnecessary stress and strain of mounting a bike - they are made for 'light exercises' only......
messenger-with-a-letter.....It is actually a Bugosi tradition, with the aim of allowing the free flow of ideas, unhampered by static electricity......


The Bugosibrush begins to explain the migration of hair from the head to the chin in the Bugosi line.....Just how long has this apparatus and technique been used?......


Or does the cycle come with the cycling outfit?


Does the cycling outfit come with the cycle?