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Snow Flowers

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383 solves
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I don't worry about such things Kirsten... I am sure I have puzzles in my bookmarks for way longer than you've had this!!! Thanks for stopping to tell me you enjoyed it though.... it's always such a pleasure to hear that :~)


I'm just sorry this little beauty had to languish in my bookmarks so long, Mandy!! It's very speccy. Thanks so much!! :)))


Oh good, no harm done then - enjoy the rest of your day... mine is nearly over!!


No problem. I just got home from church so this is the first time I've looked back at the puzzles I completed.


Gail - I am so sorry, I remember responding to your comment, but for some reason it's not here any more!! That blue one is a favourite of mine too - so I'm in good company!!


Wow, this is gorgeous, Mandy. I love all the different colors backing these snowflakes. I'll go with Barb on the blue one, but they are all special.


Thanks Jan, Barb and Katie. Its interesting that the middle one was the original colour for the set, and I re-coloured all the others - that maybe affected their depth. I'm delighted you all found favourite colours though, and thanks for the feedback :~)


Wonderful puzzle Mandy! You've included everyone's favorite colors here! Now if only some of those snowflakes piled up outside my house were this pretty....


It is indeed a beauty, Mandy! I'll take the top left corner for obvious reasons but I have to agree with Jan that the middle one is lovely.


What a soft and bright beauty this is today, Mandy! I love it! My favorite is the center one. It just pops with its 3D effect. Thanks so much.