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Melo and Bailer shells.

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Bailer or Baler shells (heavy and large) and called Melo or Melon shells named because fishermen used them to bail out their boats. Also look like melon fruit. These are the two on the bottom. Top right two shells are Cymbiola Magnifica or Magnificent Volute and are also Melo family. The left shell is Melo Corona and all of these were found off the Australian coast. Orange pearls are found in the Melo shells sometimes. The animals are predators and feed on other shells like the Triton Conch.
All I know is I have a headache just reading all the stuff about them!!


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Hi Peggysuss, you're in the right spot and is fun, thanks.

Thanks YO, but google helps me out a lot too!

Thanks Monica, I'm having fun and learning a lot myself!

Lots of Aussies in the collection Shirley and many beauties, thanks.

Well I appreciate that Ardy and I do notice that lots enjoy the info, I am so glad many of you can see some shells that you may never see otherwise. However I am seeing so many pictures, art and hearing stories that I would normally not see or hear, so it goes both ways. I just cannot keep up with everyone now, there are so many friends!! Thanks.

You're welcome PK and thanks also.

Yes they are Hanne, I certainly would find something else to bail my boat out with, thanks.

Hi gnt, thanks mate.

Yes he has used that colour for about 40 years now snooker, thanks.

Like the blue background - shows off the shells very well.


very nice


They are incredibly smoothe and beautiful!!


Beautiful thanks Robbie


Robbie, Thanks for all the time and effort you are putting into these postings. I really appreciate it and by the comment others do too.


Very nice shells, good to see some Aussie one in there. Thanks Robbie.


Their all so very beautiful, I especially like the one in the center and the bottom left too! Very pretty, thanks again Robbie for all of the great info that you are giving on these shells! I know there is a whole lot more info on these, but oh my gosh it could go on and on and on! So what you've given us is absolutely perfect!

What an amazing collection. You are a fountain of knowledge Robbie!


Good info. I collect shells here in Fl. Got some nice ones. Its fun.


Ahhhhh......that's a lot better mate, thanks very much. Midnight almost, going to bed, night all.


Easy mate you can get a brain freeze. Type slowly and take a few deep breaths. Now ain't that better bro?