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Jigidi trip to St. Louis Botanical Gardens Orchid Show.


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Thank you amakrokis2.


Chickiemama,all your photos of orchids are stunning.
Enjoyed solving the puzzles.


Thank you Suzy and Celeste.


Great shot Chickie :)


Like the way you zoomed in on this.


Thank you young man, jacques, Gene, Adriana and morris.




Tender en soft colors A Beauty


nice flower chickie :)))


great set today mama!


Nice one chickster glad you smuggled in your glass tripod that they could not see.


Thank you laura, lyndee and pinknblack.


Chickie, I love your Orchid photos! Thanks.

Ank, I have several beautiful orchids and one won best of show at our count fair a few years back. But your information has been greatly appreciated. I never knew anything about the function of the air roots before. I use them to gauge the health of my plants and that is all. I don't fertilize as often as you, but I am going to try it. Thanks for your valuable information. Have a great day, all!


I ended up with 170 pictures!!!! Looks like we all did pretty well considering we couldn't use those tripods!!!!!


I get to ooooo and ahhhh at them all over again. Very pretty!


Thank you so much Ank. I will print your comment and if I ever get a chance, I may try it some day. Thank you.


Hi Sandy, They are actually very easy. You should always ensure that they are never with wet feet. One time in the week water, make control in the flowerpot after an hour, is there water throw it out. Every two weeks a bit special Orchideee manure. Once every two years, new special Orchids ground. If you give them new ground, you cut some of the ugliest roots away. Keep them in a small pot, they like that. You can put them in the sun or in the dark, they don't mind. Sunny place, a bit more water. The mistake most people make is too much water, wet feet. Give them wet feet and the roots will rot. Let the air roots where they are, but when there come to many, cut them away (but never all).
If you made the mistake of wet feet, the flowers will become dry like paper and fall. You can try to save the Orchid. Was it just a little, it will recover when you keep it more dry. Was it very bad, take it out the ground. Remove the rotten roots, let the good roots there, are there no good roots, put the air roots in the ground, they will become ground roots.
It is really an easy plant, even my neighbor can they keep well now. lol


Ohh Sandy, it's LOOOOVELY!! That delicate colour, edible simply, looks like marzipan!! Thanks so very much!!


Thanks for sharing, chickie!


Its a beauty, Chickie. Thanks


Ank, you have a green thumb! I heard they are hard to take care of. Maybe you can put pics on Jigidi for us sometime. Wow! 40 plants! Thank you.


A beauty Sandy, I love Orchids, or I better say, Henk loves Orchids and I have to take care for them. lol. I have about 40 plants. All kind of colors. When they start to flower I put them in the living room, when they end they go upstairs, waiting for the new flowers. Thanks for this beauty I like to enjoy you at the trip.