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More Tulips

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Thank you Texas! I love tulips too.

I'm glad you like the picture Ank! And thank you very much for the extra information about how to keep the tulips growing for a longer time. I learn a lot from jigidi and often from you!!!
Heel hartelijk bedank mijn vriend !!

Hi Laurajane. So, now we know that if tulip bulbs are left in the ground they will often die after a few years.


Oh, squirrels. Why didn't I think of that? Of course!


Thanks Cathy. Most tulips go away after a few years. Most tulips you have to take out of the ground after flowering, store them in a dark cool (not cold) place. In late Autumn you have to plant them again. If you don't they will disappear. Some kinds after one year, some after a few year. There are only a few types which can remain in the ground, which are usually small tulips.


Thank you Lorna! Is spring later than usual in England?

Hi Laurajane. I think sometimes the squirrels dig up the bulbs and eat them! Or maybe the ground froze deep enough to kill them. ... :o(


I had purple tulips, then one year they didn't come up...and I haven't seen them since.


So pretty. Sigh... at least the daffodils are out now over here.


Thank you Jim!


Beautiful, Cathy!