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*****Techno Music For HeyJudeNM****

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Pat, I just found this on youtube. I don't like all techno music, but this video has a bunch that I really used to like to dance to (I was still dancing at nightclubs in my early 50s believe it or not).....
I was addicted to dancing.

And Pat, I need that same doctor...the one that can help improve my memory. ;-)

whatnauts, thank you. I'd actually like to take the time to make Judy a better one...but for right now....I'm floating underwater. LOL


I'm not a fan of techno, but this puzzle is clever and cute


Oooops, I don't even know what techno music sounds like, so I'll have to Google it.....! Never was a dancer at all--2 left feet doesn't even come close to describing it! But I do love the puzzle--it looks like a giant roulette wheel, or maybe something from the Price Is Right--only way prettier!

Sorry I'm late to the party--2 docs today, and I drove to the wrong one first, having mixed up the times...... Duh...! Apparently the doctor I really needed to see was someone who could improve my memory!


Judy, of course I'm too kind. LOL I love all different kinds of music starting with Motown groups when I was young, but when techno music came on the scene many years later, I just loved dancing to it. I was a very high energy person when I was younger. I am absolutely not the 'elevator music' kind of person. I laugh just thinking about the question.

I used to love watching bandstand and Soul of course I remember the ratings on bandstand!

I hate dentists. They're cruel people. LOL!

In answer to your question, no, that's not clip art. I did a Google search with the keyword "techno" and those were the images that came up immediately in the search.

Mr. Bugosi, you're already dazzling. Too much dazzling can be hazardous to your health.


Oooh....this was dazzling (to put it mildly)!......


p.s. Did it take you all day to find all that clip art? The whole creation looks time consuming and intricate. I really like it, even if you were doing it as a joke. It's fantastic.


Wendy, thank you very much. You are too kind. I thought you were going to do something really ugly to get even with me. Anyway, we techies must stick together. Is this your kind of music, or is it the elevator kind? No, I remember you like music to dance to. Reminds me of the Dick Clark show when kids rated songs. "I give it a 10, because it has a good beat and is easy to dance to." Are you too young to relate?

I'm off to the dentist to have a very difficult and long visit. Ouch! Listen to some happy music and create magnificent objects d'art while I'm going nuts. Thanks again for a special puzzle.


Mandy and Katie, I'm laughing! This took me all of 5 minutes to make BUT I spent well over an hour trying to make others ones but none were coming out right. I was trying to make 3 'disks' but all of them looked too dark. I HAD to post something for Judy though, so I made one that wasn't that dark in the end. I'll bet Judy hates techno...but since I love it, I figured it was a very good 'gift' for her. LOL


Very cool!




Note: The background is the result of doing a search for "Techno" on Google with "images" selected.