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Pat, there are some very wicked puzzle solvers on my puzzles so I have to apologize for allowing them to beat you. I need to have a round table talk with a few. LOL


So I went back to the older one, and tried again--I just finished first (at the moment) on all 4 of my small puzzles, so I know I'm not rusty this morning. Well, to make a long story short, I got faster, but I'm still way off the board! That puzzle in that size was just a killer for me, I guess! LOL!


Hester, as usual, I have a great big smile on my face. I visited Growly and would like to reserve my month with him. :-)


Wendy, I had a great time with your squiggly, wiggly geodes and will be delighted if we get a second bite of the apple of your older puzzles! I've missed so many of them! :-)

If you get a mo, Growly has left a Valentine card for all his favourite ladies! ;-))


OK, you guys- I just checked and sure enough. ;-)

And don't feel bad. Occasionally I'll come across an old puzzle I solved and I absolutely do not ever remember solving it.

whatnauts, I'm glad you still find it interesting. ;-)
My hand has been killing me which is why I might post more 'reruns' but in different sizes than I posted previously.


Interesting and fun puzzle, Ms. Wendy - thanks much!!


Chuckling, my dear Mariasha. I've been so surprised that you haven't had eye problems for quite some time, but truth be told, I've been worried about it. There was something wrong when you weren't having to be rushed to the eye surgeon's office. Now I know that you're fine (re: your eyes going weird).

Clever, Pat, very clever. :-)

Mandy, shouldn't you be chuckling at Mariasha's comment as well? LOL

chilisand, if I remember correctly, you made a similar comment when I had posted this one in a different size quite awhile back. I'll have to check later on to see. :-)


They look like boiled wool pin cushions to me....
Like they say, if your only tool is a shovel, all problems look like holes.


LOL - I'm chuckling at Pat's comment!! I feel the same, thanks Wendy :~)


Geodes rock!!! LOL!!! Thanks, Wendy--love them! :-)))

I think geodes are surprizes in a rock...but I never found one that made my eyes go all weird, until've done it again, dear