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Virginia! Circa 1915 Barn----BUT LOOK AT.... #1

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This is a nice old barn in the Brandy Station area of Virginia. I saw the top of it from another road and went looking. I finally found it and the owners were outside. I stopped outside the fence to look at it. They came over and were the nicest people. The house and barn were built by the ladys Grandfather in 1915. But it was like a bizarre moment. I was seeing weird things. You'll see..Take a GOOD look at the animals just to the left of the barn.


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Camels are weird?


We saw one camel out in the pasture with a few cattle two years ago when we drove to Texas. That was quite a sight! Unexpected and the only camel I've ever seen!


Nice find! Sounds like a good time with the camel owners. Impressed that the property has been in the same family for almost a hundred years. And I love the clock over the door. Perhaps teaching the chickens to tell time? :)))


Shoot, Tex. I thought I was. :-)


Wow! If you didn't have your camera with you, folks might have thought you were sampling your 'shine! Fine find, Warb! Thanks.


It was fun Chickie. More photos coming. Thanks.

Thanks JC Good to see you here even if its just passing through.


love the set today mate!


Well, what the.....? I had a comment on here! I did your set backwards. Go figure. I wondered why you titled the others 'Barn'. LOL Now I know. I wish I lived close to these people. You had fun with this one. Thanks warbler.


Thanks PK

I've been carrying it with me everywhere, Gladstone. And thank you.


You never know what you'll find when you go hunting with your camera. Thank you.


Great find ...Love it...


Good one, patsquire!

No photoshop aggie, I promise!!

Yes camels, Pumpkin, and more.

No and yes, lyndee. Believe your eyes.


Camels. Waaaayyyyy too big for llamas.

Years ago the actor Slim Pickens stepped up to the counter at the Colorado Dept. of Wildlife and said, "Little lady, I want you to sell me a camel huntin' license." The young lady on duty said, "What? I can't sell you a camel hunting license!" Slim drawled, "Whyyyyyy not?" She replied, "Because there are no camels in Colorado!" And then Slim said, "Well, you been sellin' me a elk huntin' license for three years, and I ain't never seen a elk in Colorado!"


Can't solve it on my kindle...llamas?


I can't see real good Warbler. Are those llamas or camels?