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Cushti Bok .... the horse that started it all.

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Awwwe now that is awesome. To own these creatures is a privilege. I really have enjoyed getting educated on these outstanding horses. THANK YOU!


I have always enjoyed pictures of them. Saw my 1st live one at a Celtic Fest last year. Poetry in motion.


He was the first Gypsy Vanner ever seen by Americans (Dennis and Cindy Thompson), who imported him, after long negotiations with the Gypsy's, along with a couple of mares (Dolly and Bat). They then formed the Gypsy Vanner Horse Association and registry, and imported 11 more Gypsy Vanners in 1996. These 14 horses were revealed to the public at Equitanna in Louisville, KY in the summer of 1998, and the public fell in love with them. I was there and fell in love as well. My first Vanner was a son of 2 of those first 14 horses. I have added a couple of mares since, one, an imported mare, I've arranged to be bred to Cushti Bok next summer.


Indeed, what did this pretty horse start?

Beautiful horse. What did he start?