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Flippity Dippity (Smaller)

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I just googled it, and now I know what it is, even if I don't know how to do it! The examples I saw were really lovely and very intricate. Thanks for comparing my puzzle to that!

In the case of my poor empty egg, there is no longer an answer to which came first, the chicken or the egg--there will be no future chicken... :-((( LOL!


I don't know of another name for iris folding. It's a technique used in making cards to arrange folded strips of paper working from the outside in around an object until it is filled. Time consuming but has a wonderful 3D effect. You use differing colors, so the blend is cool, too. I think you discovered the cyber way of doing the same thing. You're a clever lady!

Thanks for filling in some of the details about tiddly winks. I do forget how one wins, but you need not tell me.; what would I do with that outdated trivia. ::-))

Glad the egg is still surviving w/o its insides!


I don't know what iris folding is, although I may have done it if it has more than one name. Yes, with tiddly winks, if I remember, you pressed the edge of one against another one on the table or floor, and made it snap up into the air...

I'm glad you liked this, and I think the egg, hollow now and glued back together, is going to survive... :-)))


Pat, did you ever do iris folding? It seems like the layering is similar with astonishing effects. Who'd of thought it would set this crowd's imagination in high gear? the design is great and does have a wonderful playfulness about it. Were tiddly winks little poker-chip type disks that you made flip in the air and land in a certain place. Obviously, I never played with them but it does bring back memories. A looooong time ago! I'm glad the egg survived and can rest awhile, if we can stop shaking our monitors. Thanks for the fun.


Let's see--I'm glad this puzzle made you happy, and I do remember tiddly winks, and I think the little bits of semicircles that pop up in the puzzle look like teddy-bear ears, and I'd love to compile a dictionary, but for Jigidi, because we've all coined some wonderfully weird words, and I hope you two juvenile delinquents are happy now that you're messed up that poor little egg that never did anything wrong in this world and deserved a kinder fate... I think that just about covers it... LOL! :-)))


It is obviously a big pile of fancy tiddly-winks. Aren't any of you cute people old enough to recognize them at once??????????


This is so funny, wow. Why do I have to think of Teddy bears?????????????




SPLATTT!!!!!!! That is the egg all over my face PD. I was looking up at the undercarriage of this huge multi-coloured blimp advertising surf and snow boards when the purple egg dis-lodged in a gust of wind and caught me square in my face!! Whoever put it back in place forgot to set the clips to secure it!! A good job that Buck, monza and Ardy missed it!! I can't prove anything but it was almost as if it was deliberately aimed at me by remote control!!
Fun and beautiful puzzle, thanks PD.


Pat, ever thought of compiling a new word list - to enrich the English language, useful for everyone, like school kids and public speakers :-))


Well, I've been smiling too. Pat, this is so fun. Your composition is just incredible and very enjoyable. (I was very carful with the little egg, moving pieces softly around it...). Thank you for a lot of fun.


I've been smiling the whole way through this. Thanks, Pat. Fun.


Thanks so much, Mandy and Lela! I hope I remembered to hard-boil the egg before I posted this, if it's to survive the maze--although, since it survived falling on the floor or desk, I guess it will be okay...LOL! My search for new ways to make swirls takes me in strange directions sometimes!


I just turned my monitor upside-down.....and the egg fell out!.........Fear not, pd-everreadies, I have put it back........


Pat, this is quite mind-blowing (if I hadn't lost mine years ago, that is!) - I love it too!!! I want to be able to move it from side to side to see if I can get that purple "egg" to move through the maze!!! Such great fun, thank you :~)


Thanks, Katie! I don't know why, but as soon as I made this one last night, I fell in live with it! I just find it cuddly and chubby! LOL! That's why I gave it that silly name! :-)))


Hi Pat, you sure know how to make life fun! I feel so energized after all this flippin' and dippin'!