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Stanley Park

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Thank you, laurajane!


Always good to hear of healing. Good news.


Thank you pumpkinhead and chickiemama. Yes, after they cleared away the dead trees they planted lots of new ones. So the healing is taking place.


Beautiful cevas! Sorry to hear about the storm damage. Thanks


A shame to think of all of the loss of the trees....over the years, the park will grow, change, and provide you with new things.
It still looks like a fine park to play in!


Hi chookies. Yes, indeed. If you drive over the Lions Gate bridge then you have to drive through the park. When the trees were across that road people had to use the other bridge, the Ironworkers' Memorial Bridge. They cleared that artery very quickly !!


Actually, cevas, thinking back now, I remember him sending me newspaper cuttings of the damage caused to your magnificant Park. I remember seeing these massive fallen trees across the main roads and cars had to detour around the Park to get onto the main highway. I think my memory serves me correctly!!


Thank you Texas and Jacques. You are both very welcome !


I agree tex, beautiful


Beautiful photo. Thanks, Cevas.


Hi Chookies and Ank. Yes, apparently the damage to Stanley Park made the news reports in a number of countries !? The park was closed for months to cars, cyclists and pedestrian while they cleared away the debris and reconstructed the seawall. The wind, waves, crashing stones and logs took large sections out of the seawall.


I love this beautiful photo Cathy, but I'm sorry to hear about that storm.


I have a brother that lives in Vancouver and I remember him ringing me in Australia and telling me about the damage the hurricane caused to all those magnificant trees in Stanley Park - that was in 6 years ago - how time flies! Thanks cevas for sharing this picture and bringing back memories of my conversation with him - he was so terribly upset:)


Thanks, jcarroll. Yes, it was sad. People grieved, literally wept, because of the destruction of so much of our beautiful park.


Beautiful picture, Cathy. Great story but so sad about the loss of all those trees.


Thanks for your note, Gladstone. In Dec 2006 there was a terrible windstorm - lots of gale force winds and gusts that were hurricane force. Thousands of old growth trees in Stanley Park were destroyed and parts of the seawall had to be replaced. If (when ! ) you return you will see many changes.


Thank you for your picture in Stanley park. It's been many years since I have been there.


Still Nov 4th. I was on the Lost Lagoon path but looking away from the water this time.