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Another Tuesday Flower

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185 solves
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Ardy- yes. ;-)

Jan, a hopeful flower, it is. Thank you!

whatnauts, Mandy and Mary....I don't know what to say. I did think it looked like a jello mold flower when I created it, but now I find out that it's either a chocolate, orange, and almond cake or a tomato aspic.


Well, yes, whatnauts is right about the jello mold thing, and if it were red it would look like the tomato aspic my mother used to make! Fun puzzle and a hearty Flower Dance is a-bloomin'! 4:26 Thanks, Wendy!


Chocolate orange and almond - but cake, not jelly!!! Delicious. But then again, this flower is just beginning to blossom, and I am sure by the morning, as long as the sun shines, those petals will spring open to welcome the light.


This looks an awful lot like a jello mold my aunt used to make :)


This is such a hopeful flower - with all seasons in. It has a lot of warmth in it too - for all of us!


Lovely flower, Wendy. I'll put mine on hold. They are more spring ones anyway. Maybe by that time the political climate will be improved. Thanks for this one.