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Tuesday Afternoon - medium

81 pieces
324 solves
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Thanks, Gail and Mamababs. Sorry for not responding sooner ... I occasionally forget to check comments from puzzles going back a day or 2. Do appreciate your comments. :-)


I love this Barb. Fun and easy for even my eyes to focus!


That's so funny, Barb. I have one in the works similar to this one, but I'm still working on it. I still have over 100 puzzles to post from kaleidos and collages I've made from Omom and Omom2's profile images. Needless to say, I like this one! Thanks.


Just created another one, Catherine, but I think I'll have to take a break. Too much time on Jigidi or should I say, too much time on the computer. Need to get moving around. Thanks so much for stopping by. :-)


Kathy, I'm so pleased you had fun and that's the most important thing, not the time. Glad to see you liked the colours too. :-)


Glad you enjoyed the colours and the puzzle, Ardy. Good to hear your rehearsal went well and hopefully your choir will be in top notch shape by May. We're still getting snow showers alternating with sunshine. Very strange weather. :-)


Lovely and bright colours Barb, thanks and keep experimenting!


Barb, love this one!!!! The colours are so rich and bright and it was soooo fun to do. I will never make the board but not a bad time for me on a 81 piece puzzle LOL I was finished and did not even realize that it was 81 pieces. Thanks for the beautiful composition and fun Barb :-)))))))


I thought this was popping together so well and it was. But I'm still one minute two seconds slower than you. But the colors are delightful and it was lots of fun. Thank you. Rehearsal went well this afternoon. We'll have two pieces ready for the school spring concert in May. No puzzles from Su for a couple of days. Hope whatever she's doing that it is pleasurable. I'll go do your big one and then get things ready for tomorrow. See you in a bit. Sunny here but a cold wind. No snow showers thankfully. Stay warm.


Thanks so much, Katie. Just experimenting a little this afternoon. :-))


I love this fun new design with all the pretty flourishes Barb!