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Stanley Park, Vancouver

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... way over on the right you can see the SS Empress of Japan figurehead. I posted a picture of that a few days ago.


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Thank you Jim. That's good news ... more of your great pictures to look forward to!! It rained here all day. I didn't take any pictures. But we are only about half way around Stanley Park so this series continues ...

I didn't notice it right away either Suzy. I'm glad you can see it. You are always welcome!


Would not have noticed the figurehead unless you pointed it out. Thanks, as always.


Beautiful photo, Cathy! Susan and I went to Springfield, MO., today and I took a lot of new pictures. A bit blustery and only 50 degrees and partly cloudy but we had a fun time!


Thank you Lorna!


Great view!


Thank you PLG. I'm glad you like the park!




Goedemorgan Ank! I'm having my tea as I check my email and play on jigigi a bit. I'm glad you like this view of the north shore of Stanley Park. So you are enjoying a sunny day ... that's great!! It's raining hard here. (sigh)


Good morning Cathy, you are early. Did you already have your mornig coffee? When I look to this photo I get the feeling of vacation, it's beautiful. And indeed can see the Japan figurehead. I wish you a great day. Oh, we have sun.