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The Camellias Are In Bloom !!

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I did not realize, but you're riht, the roots are stronger now. Thanks.


Robyn, thanks & glad you like them. I hope to get some more in other colors but I think the delicate pinks will always be my favorite..........

Plum Sugar, that's why I think of them as 'Winter Roses'. They DO look so much like roses. Thanks, Friend............

Jenny, I must have known you needed some flowers. It sounded a bit bleak where you are. I have been waiting for more puzzles of your garden. Maybe you can find some good wintry photos out there to show us..............

Patti, we have had some chilly temps here but so far no freeze. I think one is expected the next few nights, though. There are still some roses & a few other things blooming here. Probably not for long, though, although the Christmas cactuses have buds on them. Glad you liked the camellias; thanks for coming by...............

Thanks treker. They really are, aren't they. That's the only bush I have but I'd like some more whenever I make a place for them. Thanks............

Thank you, Elfie, for your compliment. I love them, too. I wish I could send you some but since I can't I'm so happy you enjoyed these.............

Ank, I learned awhile back not to pull up anything, just because it looks dead, until next year. I have had so many plants be 'dead' all their season long, only to do just as yours has done & miraculously spring back up next year. Because of this I wonder how many plants I pulled up unnecessarily before I learned this. I told Texasstar this same thing about her clematis. I think that yours has had a burden of some kind that it could not handle so it died down in order for the roots to become stronger. For your little camellia hopefully the warmth from the decomposing matter will keep him warm enough this Winter. I'm sure he has stronger roots now. Good luck & thanks.............


Oh beautiful Ann. I love Camelllias. I have one in my garden but last winter I thought he died. But I did not remove it, I was still hoping it should return. And then yes it came, complete new from the ground. Now it still very small, I think just a little more as a feet. I have now a lot of leaves, twigs and other pruning waste around it. I hope he comes through the winter. Thanks for posting this beauty.


Isn't it wild or is it just the way it is?? They are fabulous indeed, Ann, I love camelias SO much!! Thanks so very much!


Nothing but gorgeous Ann.


So pretty, Ann! Thanks! (We never got above freezing today, so nothing is in bloom up here!)


Beautiful flowers Ann...everything has gone dormant here...leaves are all off the trees and I hear the cold wind blowing tonight. Nice to see your Camellias.


Hi AJ, that is a real beauty, looks just like a rose, thanks.


Lovely - I love the delicate pinks - thanks.


Thanks, Pat & Gracie. I love these flowers. To me they are like 'Winter Roses' , & oh so lovely & welcome................


Gorgeous thanks for sharing.


Beautiful!! thanks


BTW, twoclubs---when are you gonna give us some more of your fun & lovely puzzles?.................


You are very welcome, twoclubs. And I agree---they are lovely!


Lovely! Thanks annjax