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Something is sprouting - small

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Hi Jill, Kathy, Wendy, Jan, HeyJudeNM and Mandy:
'Meeting' people on Jigidi is so enjoyable. I love the friendly, creative atmosphere and have learnt a lot from solving - and reading comments. We have all different creative styles. And opinions. I never thought my puzzles would receive so much attention. I welcome feedback, and will see how it fits my puzzle creating.


Just now signing in for the day and with lots of anticipation building all day long. On our way home, I was telling my husband about you and your talent! Seriously. I had saved this puzzle to file last night, and even though I did not have internet access, I was able to show him this beauty in the car. He is in agreeance with everyone else that you definitely have an eye for creativity, technique, and art. Just thought I would share the impact/ impression that you had left me with!!!

Not so sure that I have anything to offer, as I too am quiet new to this and also a bit technically challenged with computers LOL I just muddle around and stumble haphazardly 99% of the time. I have learned that "Google" is a must LOL I roam the internet hunting for online filters and effects and have come across several that I like and use. More than glad to share them with you. Dohun, aka Dagmar, gave me the first couple of links that started my facination with kaleidoes. Lunapic, as you mentioned somewhere, was one of them. I also read somewhere that perhaps you use PowerPoint? I am totally unfamiliar with that, sorry.

If you would like to communicate via email, please let me know and I can give you my email address via private message on YouTube or whichever way you would like.

Off to check out some more of your puzzles and comments :-)


PJ, you had asked me specifically to give you helpful hints. I did that, and I see that one of the people here gave me a dig which no one else will pick up, but I sure did. Anyway, I tried to be helpful by giving you my HONEST opinion. Apparently, that's not a very smart thing to do....because at least one person will say how nasty I was for giving that advice.


Thank you Mandy, lovely comment. It's a significant coincidence that you are the first to comment after I posted the avatar. After all, I was thinking about you and the sheep while making the puzzle. I tested out some of my images and decided on one with a soft side. Your anicipation of more puzzles is hopefully both friendly and patient.


PJ, I see you've got a lovely avatar!! Congratulations & sorry if I'm a bit late seeing it!!! This puzzle is awesome, you have learned so much so quickly you clearly have a natural talent - I look forward to many more of your puzzles with great anticipation.


Thank you 'HeyJudeNM'. That was a very nice comment. I even paid attention to lightness; what seems light on my screen - becomes darker when posted.


PJ, I was scanning the puzzles, and when I came to this one, I drooled. I sure loved solving it, but more importantly, the overall stunning creativity of a real pro caused me to stare at the completed picture with immense appreciation. The colors and composition are top-rate. No one would guess you are new at this. Congrats!


Thank you Jan - I appreciate your warming comment.


PJ - keep those creative juices flowing and let your own style always prevail! This was a very nice puzzle - in all ways! Thanks!


PJ, the kaleidoscope in this puzzle is BEAUTIFUL! I left you a comment about it on another puzzle. ;-)


Oh dear- thank you ever so much. A most wonderful comment to my puzzle and my own creative process. Yes, I'm totally new to puzzle-making so I welcome any feedback from you. You have puzzle experiences I lack. We can share ideas and feedback to mutual joy and help.


PJ, This is a work of art!!!! You most definitely have a talent and I look forward to enjoying your puzzles and their beauty!!!! This one blows me away!!! It also had a rhythum when putting it together. It just flowed. It was a joy to put together.

The colors, the blend, everything is exceptional!!! Great job!!!

I was going to offer any meager help that I might could muster up, but I do believe you have this down pat already!!! I see your talent far exceeds anything that I have and I am sure to learn much from you instead.


This is beautiful, PJ! Such warm Fall colors. I especially love the way the inner image seems to float against the gradience of the background. It is lovely Thank you so much!