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Gooed - Rainbow Cavern

54 pieces
101 solves
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Thank you, Shirley. Rainbow shards... I do like that. I guess you would have to freeze the rainbow before breaking it into shards, lol. I'm so glad you liked it, my dear!


Yes, ma'am...gooed. Not an art term but someone's idea of a name for an application for the Tab....FaceGoo. Maybe I should have called it RainbowGoo. Had to look up "Neologism". It wasn't in Sally's dictionary so I checked the one on the computer. Cool term. I guess "whatsits" would be an example. You are most welcome, dearest T... :-)


A very fine gooed puzzle Jill, pretty rainbow coloured shards, Thank you Jill.


Gooed, huh? Must be a new technical term. Can't find it in the glossary of my copy of "Art for Dummies" ;-)
Thanks, Your Royal Neologism-ness...


Lol, writing your own dictionary, huh?! Yes, it took a while but I managed to make each piece match no other piece on the puzzle. Hey, you were 29 seconds faster than I, dear one!! ..... :-))


Nicely gooed good buddy.... Pretty rainbow colors and really, really difficult.... Definitely worth the new words I came up with when the obvious piece would NOT go in the obvious spot.... Thanks mucho..... :) :)