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Theme - Birds Cardinals and a mini Motif #1

28 pieces
66 solves
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These were done by my friend, Helen. They hang in the kitchen.


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You've been busy here at my place tonight, Pat. And added a 7th star on my board. That's the most stars I've ever had on one puzzle. Wow. Thank you.


Love it thanks


Thanks, Laurajane. And there you are on top of the board. Wow. You are really fast to beat Mandy.


Beautiful little cardinals. Love it!


Hanne, we used to have a feeder at this window. That's where we saw a mother cardinal teach her baby to eat sunflower seeds. At another time we had one at the other kitchen window. It had a roll top lid which offered some protection from the weather but a squirrel took to using it as a sleeping place. Now I don't try to feed at all because there are too many cats that like to visit my yard.


To watch the birds at the feeder, we have a house and some fatballs hanging down from the corners and a rather big "table" underneath for those that like eating on the ground, is SO much fun and very interesting. You see SO many sweet and funny episodes.


Thanks, Katie. Thanks for adding a star on the board too.


You're welcome, Pat. I can't see anything from that area without thinking of you now. A link seemed the easiest way to show it to you.


Aha, I see the very special stitchery, Ardy--thanks for linking me to the puzzle, and thinking of me! :-)))


That's a great counted cross-stitch piece Ardy. It makes a bright accent for a kitchen!


Thanks Ank. Glad to see you are home safely. I know it's been hard for you as well. Elly needs time to rest and grieve and heal. I'll keep her in my prayers.


I thought of that but decided to stick to cardinals. Thanks for coming by. TTYL


Beautiful thanks


You have a double theme here, Ardy - How very clever! Cardinals and roosters! Thanks so much! It was a lot of fun to solve!


Thanks Barb. See my reply to Hanne. If you are anything like me you will anyway. I'm an avid comment reader!! LOL


Thanks, Hanne. They certainly make a very bright spot in the snow especially. At one time we had a platform type bird feeder on a kitchen window. We watched one day as a mother cardinal brought her baby there to teach it to eat seeds. It was a precious experience.


Cardinals are probably the most beautiful of birds (next to my blue jays - lol) and this is a lovely addition to any wall, Ardy. :-)


It's so very lovely, cardinals are so spectacular!! Thanks so very much!!


You are welcome, Robbie. Have a good day.


Hi Ardy, your friend is very clever, I like Cardinals, thanks.