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Maroochy Botanic Gardens (27)

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This sculpture is entitled Leaf Seat, and was constructed of Spotted Gum and stainless steel, by Richard Newport, of Doonan, Queensland.
Take the time to rest, reflect and appreciate this beautifully crafted work.
Taken at Tanawha, the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, August 12th 2016.

I've posted four puzzles today.


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leslieg, have to agree with you. It's a beauty. ♥♥♥


Another great design!


Yes Nev, I'll post it,...sometime.


Treker, good on you. When you do get a chance to complete it, can you take a picture for us, and post it on Jigidi? Would be wonderful to see. Thank you.


Beautiful work, however I still have my heart set on the white steel "tree" design.
Truth be known, I DO have enough material/steel to fab a copy. I have some other "irons in the fire" at present so I'm going to keep the white, steel, bench on the back burner for later fabrication. I love it!


Marilyn, thanks for your visit and comment. This is the third bench that I've featured from these Gardens, and all of them have been most attractive. ♥♥♥


There's some really neat benches there.


racoonstar, Barry watches mostly Australian Rules (AFL), with a sprinkling of Rugby League and Rugby Union. We get some Gridiron games here, and we both follow the S.F. 49ers, but we don't get enough matches here to keep up with it all.

I'm assuming it's Aussie Football, not what we play here in the US? I've been known to watch, when I happen to see that there's a game on.

I have to admit as a teenager I was so bad about remembering to put gas in the tank that my parents started asking for the gas money _before_ they'd let me have the keys. :D


racoonstar, Barry is a bit spoilt and does not stay outside when it rains. He'd rather be inside watching the football on the television, or sending emails to his friends when I'm not using the computer. And I have to be a bit careful when he wants to go out on dates - it's not always safe to give him the car keys. And he's a bugger for not putting any gas in the tank, too. :-)))

Barry hangs out in trees chewing on leaves, and he's worried about sitting on a damp bench? O.o

Well...I probably wouldn't have sat down, either. :D


racoonstar, you won't find Barry in this picture. The seat was still quite wet from overnight rain, and he wasn't very keen on getting a "wet bum" from it. So he stayed in my pocket, from where he gives a non-stop commentary anyway! :-)))


Janet, it's not easy to see in this picture but that seat was still quite wet from overnight rain. So we didn't test it out. I think that all the seats fitted in perfectly with these native plant Gardens. So much nicer than the standard bench seat that one sees everywhere. ♥♥♥


Jacki, that's a good point. And probably a lot quicker and cleaner too than rock sawing and shaping. ♥♥♥


Pasta, sculptures firstly, but there for a practical reason too. We didn't sit on this one, as it was still damp from overnight rain, and because it was still in the shade, hadn't dried off yet. ♥♥♥


Jacki (bluebird42), don't ever grow up - I like your style. ♥♥♥

Very nice, but is this also a "Where's Barry?" puzzle?


I love this one Nev. I actually think it looks more like a gum lead that the stainless steel one. I love the timber colours here too. It looks like a beautiful place to sit and relax too. Was Barry up the nearest Gum Tree? A fabulous photo thanks Marge and a great puzzle thanks Nev, hugs my friends. ♥♥♥


i like this too. so far, i'm loving all the benches. but it probably much easier to come up with an appealing bench than it is to turn rock into sculpture.


Very inviting, I love that some of these sculptures are benches that offer a lovely place to sit and rest, what a fabulous idea.♥♥♥


This one does have grace and charm AND, I could enjoy lying down on it and imagining myself one of the Fair Folk resting on a leaf bed. (some people never grow up) ☺


Jacki, that's fair enough. To each their own. ♥♥♥


Very nice. But I like the other one better. Thank you Nev and Marge!


Hilary, I don't think anybody's going to disagree with you. ♥♥♥


Pammi, I'm a great fan of both the seats this sculptor made - this one and the Gum Leaf seat which we saw previously, No.21. They fit in so perfectly in these Gardens. ♥♥♥


Very well done.


This is a great one also, Nev and yes, it really does look like a very big leaf. What a clever idea. ☺☺