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We got a lion cub at work, for one day!

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Pat, I missed this when you posted it. I once held a baby lion about this size, possible a little bigger. It was absolutely the biggest thrill of my life. Thanks for all you and your vet do for animals and thanks for sharing that with us.


You're welcome. Glad I could pass it on. My close friend and veterinarian lent it to me. It's at times almost too difficult to watch, but I think the word needs to spread about the situation. It was most certainly the lax laws in Ohio that prompted all the animals that a suicidal man released (I'm sure you saw it in the news last month) to be killed.


Thanks, Octomom. I haven't seen that film, but will surely try to find it.

I had the pleasure of holding a lion cub when I worked in Las Vegas. He was part of The Keepers of the Wild company - a company where exotic animals lived out their lives when they were retired from gas stations, etc. where they had been used as a draw for tourists. They were looking for volunteers to do office work, etc., but he was brought around for people to see. I felt privileged to be able to make contact with that little guy.


Have you watched the film "The Elephant in the Living Room"? I think you'd find it interesting. It's not what one would call an "enjoyable" film, but I believe it should be required viewing for anyone even contemplating owning an exotic animal. It's a documentary that chronicles the life of an Ohio man who has raised two lions. It shows first-hand the perils associated with exotic pet ownership. It's won a lot of awards. The sad and infuriating thing is that this kind of thing happens across the country in states where the laws are so lax on owning exotic animals, as I'm sure you're only too well aware.

Thanks for posting this and your other photos.


If you want to trudge thru my posted puzzles, you'll see that I work for a Vet who works with rehab/ Florida State seized animals. That's not me in the photo! I'm an old bag! That's Aimee. She's in some other posts. She's a rescue baby Mom!


How cute! Where do you work that you had a lion cub? I want to work there!