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Amsterdam, Capital of the Netherlands.

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Stopera, theater


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Theyoften call Amsterdam, Venice of the North.


The "streets" remind me of Venice. Beautiful picture.


Thanks Cathy, I think this is a great photo, it shows everything very well and the sky is lovely.


Beautiful theatre! Thank you Ank. And a very pretty sky.


Hi girls, thanks. The boat is a sightseeing boat. You get in and out at the same place. I don't think that's the same as commuter, but I don't know commuter. Tex that would be great. Denise, the city house is in the same building, and it's modern looking indeed.
I'm glad you like it girls.


This is very pretty indeed, and I was just going to ask you the same question that Sandy asked you! About the boat in the middle of the river, it does look like a commuter of some kind, lots of people on it so it must be!


Im not sure if this was the theatre I went to or not. Of course I came from the otherside, but it was dark, I had just got off the plane and I was tired. It was simply beautiful and very modern inside. Floor to floor carpeting throughout in a pale shade of pink. The pity was it was raining that night and everyones feet made such a mess. Saw the Hungarian Ballet.
Not great but just to see this theatre was something I wil never forget:-) Thanks Ank for the memories:-))


Beautiful ... Hugs


Is that a tour boat or a commuter boat Ank?


Wonderful view!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Thank you very much Ank for this beautiful photo, have a nice day :-))))


Nice setting for a theatre.


I have always, always wanted to visit Amsterdam, since I was a child. Maybe I'll make it someday! Thanks, Ank.