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Bright-Eyed Norton

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Always inquisitive, always having fun, always loving everyone. He's pure love and joy, the best and most unusual cat I've ever known. This photo was taken probably six or seven years ago.


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Thanks, Kirsten. I'm hoping so as well.


Excellent news Gail. Hopefully these improvements are the start of a trend, certainly it's all been upwards. So that's great. I'm really happy for you. And of course, dear Nortie. :)))


Thanks, Ardy, Brie and Kirsten. Norton is ever so slowly improving. He still has a hard time getting off the bed. I have a long low bookcase at the foot of my bed where he gets on and off of it. He can't quite seem to do it as gracefully as he used to, but I'm hoping he'll improve even more. He's alive, loving and giving, eating and grooming, and that's all that matters. When he climbs up on his round carpeted cubbyhole, it makes me feel so good because that's one of his favorite spots to be. He's clumsy, but aren't we all?


Great news that Norton is improving Gail. I'm so glad for both of you. :)))


Ah...the power of love! Great news Gail and Norton! Let's hope you are through this dark night and each day is sunny and bright for you both. All my love Brie and Pumpkin


Hi Gail. I wanted to know how Norton is doing. Also thank you for your feel better wishes. I think I'm back to "normal" what ever that is. You and Norton are in my prayers.


Every day gets better. He truly is miracle kitty. At this point, nobody knows what actually happened to make him so ill. I'm taking each day as it comes, as is Norton. He's walking better every day, but he's still very tired and not eating much. He's a feline garbage pail, so it's a little worrisome, but all in all, I'm counting my blessings. Thanks, Deborah.


Hi Norton! I sure hope you're feeling better and better every day!


Thanks so much, Kathy. I have more hope today than I've had in a week. He is doing better than he was yesterday, and I have faith he'll do better tomorrow. Norton is an Oriental Shorthair, a type of Siamese. His eyes are a blue/gray, depending on the light. They're almost transparent in some lights. I think he has the most beautiful eyes of any cat I've known. Thanks for asking. Gail


It breaks my heart to know that you and Norton are going through a rough patch!!!!! We will all keep our fingers crossed and wish for the very best recovery!!!!

Is his eyes blue? Does he have Siamese in him?


Norton actually went to the food bowl tonight and ate a few Blue Buffalo kibbles. Another first! He thanks you all for your good wishes, as do I.


That's good news Gail!! And the better he feels, the better you feel!! Fingers crossed....


I am so glad to hear Norton is doing better. I'm pulling for him.


It's good to hear that Norton seems to be feeling better. I hope it keeps up! :)))

Thinking of you and Norton and wishing the very best for both of you. I know you can do it Norton!


Yay! Big steps. That is great, Gail. Keep improving, Norton!


Yes, grooming and peeing in his tray are certainly good signs.........hope he continues to improve........


Normal routines...what a great indicator of at least "feeling" better. Even I felt a sigh of relief. Hope the good progress continues. :)))


What a lovely, expressive face. So good to know he is continuing to improve. Fingers still crossed for you both.


The news sounds good, Gail, but being opimistically cautious is good too.
Will keep my fingers crossed that his appetite comes soon. Take care. Thinking of you and Norton. :-)


I'm hoping, little by little, he comes back to being his normal sweet self. He used the litter box twice on his own tonight. Hooray for little things. I think I'll let him sleep with me.


Good to hear he is feeling like his old self a little Gail.


sounds like Norton is making it, good luck to more success.


Excellent news Gail! I hope it's the beginning of a trend. :)))

And now I must bid you good night. Hope to see you tomorrow. :)))


Today Norton had a small breakthrough. He was zipped into the front of my hoodie while I was sitting at the computer. He started squirming, which he usually does when he wants to get down and use the litter box. Lo and behold, when I put him down in the foyer where I have two litter box closets, he thumped over to one and went inside and peed. This is the first time he's actually used the box himself without my picking him up and putting him in the box. I picked him up to take him out and he started purring, also a first since Wednesday. When we took a nap earlier, I brought him under the covers with me, since that's his favorite place. He started cleaning himself, and when I woke up, he was vigorously cleaning himself, which is also a first since then. It's the little things in life that give us the most joy. I think he may pull through after all, but I'm optimistically cautious.