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"Melting Paperweight" Kaleidoscopes! (medium)

81 pieces
130 solves
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Five days ago I posted a puzzle called "Melting Paperweight" using my JiggyBelleS profile. Ardy / Ringleader asked me what would happen if I made kaleidoscopes of that image. Well, here is one result!


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Kirsten - Thank you! I just finished your fabulous one today! :D


I love them Jan!! The colours, and the detailed centre are divine! What a great idea Ardy. And brilliant execution, Jan. Thanks so much. :))))


Ardy - you deserve a great deal of the credit here! Thank you SO much! I hardly ever recycle......and it has opened up a new avenue for me. I am so glad you like them! :D

Hanne - What a beautiful way of describing it! I love it! Thanks so very much to YOU!


I'm just SO glad you mentioned it!! Now I do understand what Ardy means, and I do agree with her, BUT these kaleidos are very lovely kids of a beautiful "mother"!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


They are not as stunningly beautiful as their mother perhaps but oh, wow, such beauties as are here. The middle one really makes me feel thankful that I can appreciate the beauty . I wondered. You experimented and I LOVE the results. Thank you, dear friend. You make me feel soooo good.


So, Barb, you like the recycled one, too! Thanks so much!


Thanks, Jan, for a fun puzzle and thanks, Ardy, for encouraging Jan. :-)