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Chocolate Coin Moulds

49 pieces
141 solves
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Thanks dear Wendy, I'm pleased you love so much about this one:~)

Ahhh, that explains it Edie... you'll be glad when Easter is gone and the temptation with it!!

Glad you had fun, thanks Kathy :~)


Another fun solve Mandy. Thanks :-)


My daughter was cross border shopping in Buffalo two weeks ago and bought be two full cartons of Easter Candy. I make baskets for 8 kids plus have extras around for the 'big kids'. Today I delivered 6 of the baskets to the families in advance so that temptation is gone but there's still a heck of a lot here.


Mandy, this is a terrific little puzzle! I love the colors, texture, and idea of it. :-)


I did mention chocolate - but forgot that Easter is just around the corner!!! I'm glad you enjoyed the colours Barb :~)

I hadn't heard that one before Hester - but it sounds sensible to me!! Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the puzzle!!

LOL - Edie - who bought the candy??? I find solving puzzles an excellent cure to overeating, as my fingers are too busy to hold food!! Thanks for coming back to leave a comment :~))


Solved the puzzle. Went and ate an Easter Cream Egg, now I'm back to leave a comment. Great puzzle Mandy but not so good for those with poor willpower and a house full of Easter candy. Thanks, it was fun.


YUm! You know the saying...a diet is when you don't lick the chocolate wrapper!! Fun puzzle Mandy! :-))


Ooh, did someone mention chocolate? LOL
Pretty puzzle, Mandy, and with lovely Easter colours. Thanks. :-)