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Arrival of Sinterklaas, typical Dutch. #3

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Hi Jan, sorry I don't have photos of it. Just did not think of it to make them. And it was not a big party. Just cosy with some friends. For a few days I could not do much with the computer because I had to use Henks. Now mine is working again. When it works it's going well, the problem is the start. So once started I don't close it on the day. The video card has a start problem. So first we see how it's going now.
Hi Jacques, they are nice to see and there were a lot of them.


mooie pieten!


Hi Ank - I've been meaning to ask - How did the birthday party go? I haven't seen any photos.
But, apparently you got your computer fixed?
Thanks, Jan


How nice Sandy. That will be for Thanksgiving ik think, I heard that's on Thursday. I wish very cosy days, make fun and maybe some lovely photos.


Oh how fun Ank. Thank you for sharing.

I have company coming Wednesday, so am very busy getting ready. Will be doing only a few & comments until after Saturday.


I think this a kind of photo you don't see often. It is so typical.


Of course they did, and thanks for making this photo!! It's very special!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Special pose of the zwarte Pieten for my friends. They liked it when I told them that this photo will the world go around.


Love it thanks Sissy


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