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THEME: Home Sweet Home - Smoke from Wild Fire About 10 miles North of Our Home

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Sorry this pic is kind of dark but the air was very smoky. This is just one of 841 fires that burned in Oregon this past summer, destroying a total over 40,000 acres. Most were started by lightening, & some by human campfires, brush burning, & other tasks that are banned in fire season. Nearly all of them are out or nearly out now, thanks to our hard working fire fighters, with assistance from our National Guard. California & Oregon often work together in fighting fires in both states, but this year California had devastating fires, including one In Redding that destroyed many homes & killed several people. We are all very glad that this fire season is finally over, & that so many homes were saved, but sad in thinking of those who lost their homes, & some even their lives, battling the blazes.


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yahoooo i am so happy to hear from you dearest gina xxx a million hugs ♥♥♥


Aw, thank you dear Sparkles! You & my Jigidi friends helped make my day very happy! XOXOXO Gina


@PuzzleG and more happiness on your birthday dearest gina - hugs and kissies @sparklightie too xxx


♫ Happy birthday my dearest soul sister - my sweet gina ♫ may god bless you with better haalth and love and happiness always ♥♥♥♥ all my love @PuzzleG


Thank you dear Donna, we were not very close to any of the fires this time here in Grants Pass. Just one of the nice things about living in the city. I have missed all of my dear Jigidi friends, & hopefully I can spend more time on here now that I'm feeling better. As I told Nice Peach (Mary), I'm still hoarse, so it is nice to be able to "talk" to friends without having to use my voice. Big, Big Hugs & Lots of Love to you, dear friend. XOXOXO


@Nicepeach2 ~~ Sorry I took so long to see & answer your post, Mary. I've been sick, then on vacation, then sick again, for over a month! My voice is still "hoarse", & I'm tired of sounding like Carol Channing, LOL! But I think I'm nearly over it now. The fires were really terrible, especially with so many people losing their homes, & some even lost their lives. The forests renew themselves in time, & actually they often end up better than before. The nutrients in the trees & plants goes into the soil instead of being contained in a plant or tree. Burning up the brush & fallen trees helps prevent more fires, & kills insects that are harmful to the trees. It's much harder for folks to get new homes, & of course there is no way to replace a lost loved one. To me that is the true devastation that fires can leave behind. I'm dreading the coming of another summer, & who knows how many fires we will have. Just praying no lives or homes will be lost this time. You are on my prayer list, dear Mary. Sending you (((((((BIG, HEALING HUGS))))))), & prayers for better health in the days ahead.


Feel so sorry for such tremendous loss. I watched those fires in Oregon and California and thought of friends we had in Oregon and i remembered you were in Oregon but that you had moved and I cannot remember where you moved to. It has been 4 years since I was in Oregon and still miss it, but for health reason do not see myself doing any traveling. We had tornado warnings Saturday and I moved to the bedroom downstairs but we were completely spared, just a little wind and rain.
Hugs to you. Mary


Stay safe, Gina.

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