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A Puzzle I've worked on for 3 weeks. Finally finished!!!

30 pieces
198 solves
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I hope it doesn't take you 3 weeks! LOL!


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Thank you teamac, roerick3, PamCal and Brie.
roerick, turning over the 1000 pieces is the part I don't like, but it's always worth it when the puzzle is finished.
PamCal, the hands on part is especially gratifying. I love "putting things together" and am always fixing things around the house, to my husband's amazement. He is all thumbs. LOL!
Brie, yes it is therapeutic. My little dog shows no interest in it, thankfully. If a piece drops on the floor he runs over, smells it, then walks away! Cats can climb onto the table, so I do see what you mean! Ha! My daughter likes to do them without looking at the picture on the box. Not me! Ha! I can't imagine not laying out all the pieces. You are my hero!


Oh Nana, I know exactly what you mean. There is something very therapeutic about a 'hands-on puzzle' but all of us with cats know that Jigidi means none of our pieces are flicked, chewed, eaten or lost only to be sucked up into the hoover! I love doing a puzzle from the box, without laying out any pieces - that was harder but in a masochistic way, made the puzzle more pleasurable as it lasted longer and the pieces were safe!

I really miss doing 'hands on' puzzles. Would have loved one especially during Nemo. I'm afraid my cat Lucy might want to be helping me too much!


What a beautiful puzzle and we all appreciate all of the time it took, not only to do the puzzle, but to turn over a 1000 piece puzzle and find all of the border pieces in that size. I remember how much time it took before I found Jigidi but I also remember the satisfaction I had when a puzzle was finished. Thank you for sharing your great effort.


That is a very pretty puzzle!


Thank you, 2dogs7cats! And you're welcome!


Thank you, Brie. Wish I could make it a whopping size for you. It's a 1000 piece puzzle. I didn't work on it every day, and just an hour or less a day, AND I wasn't being timed, so I really enjoyed doing it! :)


Well it turned out great. Just beautiful and I can see why it would take so long to make. Wish it took longer to solve. Thank you very much.


What a wonderful picture - your efforts are magnificent and I appreciate all the incredible effort that goes into a picture like this - thank you! Could we have it whopping size so it really takes three weeks - it would be awesome!