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New Kitty no.1

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I need some help with a name please! Shortlist so far is Amber, Chloe, Cleo, Tallulah, Sophia, but any other names people can suggest will be considered!


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Cleo Laine isn't dead. You all got me scared for a minute talking about her in the past tense. She's the greatest singer of all time. She and John Dankworth made a great couple. I remember how sad I was when he died. I used to have every one of her LPs, but had to give my entire record collection of over 1,500 LPs away when I moved.

I'm enjoying your photos of Sasha, Nicky, and your miniature houses.


Thank you, RebeccaB - Marble is a really good name. I can see how that would suit her very well because of her coat. You're right - Peanut Butter & Jelly is a tad too long! We thought of Natasha Killmouseski, but she seems afraid of mice - I had to take the very realistic squeaker box out of her toy mouse and sew it back up again as she ran and hid behind the chair and wouldn't come out for ages when I tried introducing it to her to play with!


Thank you TrudyTai - kitty had to go to the vet this evening to have her second shots, and the vet said the very same thing. I am leaning towards the name Tasha (Tash for short) because of her one-sided moustache!


Thank you fuzzygirl - Fuzzy is a good name because her fur is quite fuzzy and frizzy in places! Thank you for your suggestion.


Marble? (Because "Peanut butter & jelly" is too long!) :) But I was serious about Marble.


My suggestion would be to not force it. She'll let you know which name is right for her in time. She sure is a beauty!

How about Fuzzy?


Thank you english101 - We also thought of Pickle!
Thank you robryan - We also thought of Cleo! My dad loved Cleo Laine too - he is very into jazz. So many lovely names to choose from - we've never had this problem naming a cat before!


I like Cleo - reminds me of Cleo Laine the singer, & I loved her voice!! Good luck choosing Nicky - she's a beautiful cat!!


Cricket. Cricket is a GREAT cat name! Or Pickle. I like Pickle, too.


Thanks Ank - We had thought of Bella and quite like it. I used to have a doll named Bella!
Gemstone - We had also thought of Lily, and quite like that too!
Yarnover - We saw a another similar cat, and it was called Patches.
Thanks Chickie - Tinks is so sweet!
Thanks smllpkg101 - we also thought of Pru and quite like that too.
The trouble is, we like all these names, and others, but can't make up our minds as she seems to suit them all!


What a gorgeous cat! Beautiful coloring. How about Prudence or Pru for short?


She's so pretty! How about Tinks?

Patches, Beauty, Princess.


Princess Tiger Lily...Lily for short. :)))


She is a beauty, I hope she will feel home very soon. What do you think of Picasso? Or Bella.


Thanks formersusan - Pinta sounds really good.
Thanks doglovertoo - Zoe is the name my daughter likes for her!


How about Zoe?


or Pinta, for short.


Painted Lady