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What do we have here? Some sort of Ford prototype of a vehicle that definitely does not exist in production: A short-cab, short-bed F-150 in Raptor guise. We have no idea what this test mule is, but it sure as hell looks like a full-size Bronco.
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Looks like a test for a possible 2 door Bronco.


Looks more like a cobbled together mess.


Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! Congratulations @willey19 !!!

I'm pretty sure it's a pickup truck !!!!!!!

After reading others comments, I've done more research. The from and rear fenders correspond with the 2019 Raptor. However, the Raptor is not available with a standard cab (at least in the US) and the short bed is only on the super and crew cabs. As for the bumpers, I've no clue.


From looking at pictures on the internet, the non-Raptor version has the badge where the grill thing is on the fender. The Raptor versions don't have a badge on the side.

where is the f150 badge on the side ?


2018 F150 single cab with front end damage and a missing front bumper cover.

With the apparent damage to the front end, I wonder if they swapped the near side front gender for one made for a Raptor with the grill thing just in front of the door?

It sort of looks like a stylized step side with a shortened bed. I doubt the new Bronco will have a pickup version as they just introduced their too tall and too narrow "new" Ranger pickup.

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