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Our first Jigidi visitor in Bermuda

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Just got back home to read all the comments. It really was so special that I am still glowing from the memory - and all the nice things everyone has said.
Thanks to all of you. I love Jigidi!


We did have a great time Ank, thanks.


This is real great. This time not virtual. I think we are all a little jealous (in the good way) off you. I hope you will have a great time together.


They are Jacques, thanks.


this is so cool, jigidi friends are unique


Yes it was PG, thanks.


At least one of you is standing. It looks like a wonderful time was had by all.


Hey JJ we were talking about you yesterday, you're ears ringing? Marilyn stayed at the Castle Harbour 40 years ago so we went over there and all around the Island. Had a great day.
All my animal T shirts come from Ardith Keef Mountain T shirts in Maine. Just put that in google and you will see them all. I saw them somewhere else in New Hampshire but they were more expensive. Also Ardith gives most of the proceeds to certain charities which we like to hear. Thanks and good luck.


Oh Marilyn, it is so wonderful to see you! and Robbiel, too! Yes, looks like you two are having a great time there in Bermuda! ANd Robbiel, if you don't mind me asking - where DID you get that t-shirt? Seriously, I wanna know!


PLG, Morris, YO, Shirley, JB, Celeste, Hanne, OM and Carol, thank you all and it is great to meet people we only 'talk' to over the internet. It would be a pleasure meeting you all sometime and any of you who make it here please let us know.


What a great picture!


What fun! I'm so glad you had a great visit.


Oh, what a happy event!! Indeed you look great both of you!! Thanks Robbie!


Makes me smile right along with you! To sit in the best room in the house! :) smiles.. the kitchen. So cool to meet people from online.


Can you actually walk after a swizzle! Sounds delicious!! WOW!

What a great thing - to be able to meet. Jigidi brings people together in ways that are impossible to describe....It is just amazing. So glad you and Mariolyn and Jenny all were about to enjoy company! Thanks for sharing!

This is great. What a fun time.


Just how wonderful is that? we make friends on Jigidi, but to meet up is something else, glad you had a great meeting.


Very cool!!


This is so cool that you guys got together! Thanks for sharing the photo and comments!


Marilyn can suck down a swizzle BBM!
Yes we had some good laughs chickie, thanks.
Hey chookies and Robbos, thanks and we tried to show Mariolyn a good time, thanks.
Yes it was snooker, thanks.
We just got back from dropping Mariolyn off chickie so am seeing these comments for the first time. Will put it on her e-mail, thanks.
Sounds like you want to party gem, we had a good time, thanks.
Hi Sindy, that is a swizzle.......well close to one I think I put more liquor in it than normal!! Orange, lime and pineapple juice with four different rums, drambuie and grand marnier! Whatever you want.....oh and some grenadine syrop! Thanks.
PKH you hit it on the head, it is a small world. Mind you I find it difficult trying to explain meeting new friends on a jigsaw puzzle site!! Thanks.
We did yellow, thanks.

What a happy photo! Have fun all of you!


How grand you both got together! Just proves the world is quite small, and that no matter where we are from, we can be friends.
Thank you for sharing your visit.

GREAT photo, you two! (Assuming Jenny took the shot!) What is that lovely cocktail you are enjoying! (Very envious, Mariolyn--I'm sure Robbie is the consummate host!)


PartY time!!!


I'm excited. Gives you a warm fuzzy all over thinking of friends made and brought together over all those miles through jigidi. Part time!!!


Robbie, please tell mariolyn that I put the slush recipe on my puzzle that she asked for in august. I had no way of letting her know it was there. Thanks

Great that you got together. Enjoy!


Don't believe a word of it. I'm sitting right here editing and you should have seen what they wanted to say before I censored it.


Well hello, pleased to see two happy smiling faces.
Drink up Mariolyn, Robbie won't mind.


What a wonderful pic of you two young scallywags - and that t-shirt, Robbie, it cracks me up!!


Oh how fun Robbie! Looks like you're having laughs just like on Jigidi.


This is Mariolyn from Calgary. She drank all our liquor, ate all our food and went hand in hand down the drive with my Dad. What a visit!!!!!


Into the swizzles already! Good on ya.