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Our Morning Moon

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I actually enjoy watching morning arrive while I look west almost as much as the actual sun rise in the east. The pink and gold of the sun's rays move down the sky and drive night away. I love it. I don't know Picturebook Without Pictures - but I love books so will find it. Thanks


This beautiful scene reminded me of 'Picturebook Without Pictures' by C.Anderson. Enjoyed the hue change a lot. Thank you for sharing.


Will do. I'll mark that on my calendar - January, do autumn, beach and warm. Thanks JC.


In January, I will need autumn pictures and beach pictures and warm pictures!


Glad you like this morning's pics. Will try to send some sun east - not easy since it's going the other direction. It's supposed to be around 90F today - San Diego summer. I'll have autumn pictures to post in January.


Great set today, milady!
Been overcast for days here!


I have a San Diego sun rising too but can't get it past the green line of Create. Maybe later.