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Amsterdam, Capital of the Netherlands.

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A coffeeshop. I hope you don't think you can buy coffee there.


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Fun, I don't think you want your coffee there. But I think the experience can be magic. lol


Very educational information! At first, when I saw the window, I thought it was a Magic Shop also!! I guess some "magic" experiences do occur in there!! Thanks for the "eye opener", I'll be more aware if I want a coffee, before I go in the door!! :)


A coffeeshop, so OK you can have a coffee, but that's not where they are for. You can buy here soft drugs, no cocaine or that kind of stuff, but marihuana and so on. I have never been in such a shop, so I can't tell much about it. There are a lot of this kind of shops in Amsterdam.
No most buildings in NL are not air conditioned (restaurants and so are), it is not necessary, because we usually have no high temperatures.


Hi Ank, my friend took me into one like this and as Denise mentioned we drank some very nice coffee while 'others' were enjoying other 'treats!' Not my thing but fun to sit and watch. I must say that I didn't really care for Amsterdam but so glad I had the chance to see it with a local. Great puzzle, thanks.


Come on Ank. Spill the beans. What do we buy at this shop? It's very colorful. Thanks


Is it a marihuana thing?? Thanks so very much Ank!!


Hi there Ank! I'm sorry but I don't quite get it, why can't someone buy coffee there? It says that it is a coffee shop! What am I missing here? Oh, and why does it say air conditioned? Are most buildings not air conditioned in Amsterdam? Inquiring minds want to know! At least mine does! L.O.L. Nice pic though, very colorful, thanks!...Monica


Some of these "coffee shops" do serve coffee. My son was there a couple of years ago.:-)
Lovely colourful picture, Thanks Ank:-))


Hmm, just a normal coffee shop would suit me fine! Interesting puzzle though Ank.


Thank you Ank, that I do not know and I do not miss it. Puzzle pretty and interesting.