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Old red barn in Tennessee

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I know nothing other than where it was and that I liked it and took a photo. I would think the 4 side doors opened into horse stalls?? The ventilation under the eaves I would have assumed was for hay storage to keep the heat down as the hay dried and aged. Green hay can give off lots of heat. I just loved the look of it, very unusual.


It really is a fascinating building--the construction is so unusual, at least to this city girl! I love the way that even on the sides the boards are angled, even though they didn't need to be, the way the front ones are angled so that they can go all the way to the edge on that projection..... Definitely a case of someone caring about aesthetics as well as function!


Now *that* is a fascinating barn. Do you have any idea what it's for? It appears to have ventilation under the eaves - is it for tobacco drying? The four doors in the side are unusual, too, along with the angled siding. I'd love to know more about it.


Yes, it is near where my granddaughter used to live, in Bon Aqua, TN.