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finch in the apricot tree Jan.10, 2013

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How lovely Kathy! Their so beautiful, I love the colors that you chose for the frame. It's puuurrrfect!

pilley, I love Goldfinches and apricots, so thanks for the combination. I grow chickory, daisies, coreopsis and cone-flowers for the dozens who stop in. Maybe I should add apricots to my list, too. :-) Thanks for a good puzzle.


Yes, we're well away from the bushfires, thank goodness. The heat has been more moderate the last few days but the forecast is for increased temps. Right now there's a severe tropical cyclone off our NW coast... not sure yet whether it will cross the coast. Let's hope it wanders off into the Indian Ocean.

I didn't realise the finches were migratory. Just as well they're not there for the ripe fruit as they'd make short work of it! Squirrels are awfully cute little dudes but I'm glad we don't have them here. Rabbits cause enough havoc in the veggie patch if you live out of town :-)


Chrissie, hope you are keeping out of the heat and fires. We had our share of forest fires around here last fall. The finch only migrate through here and another type is here when the apricots are ripe and they do not get into the apricots too much, crows and ravens do though. The biggest problem we have are the squirrels, they open the fruit for the nuts and drop the fruit on the ground where it spoils. We have 3 apricot trees so usually plenty for all around.


texasstar, The finch on the border was one that was on a feeding sock and I wanted him in the photo also, always enjoy your dropping in.


Patti, you needed your snowshoes to get in here today, thanks for making the effort.


Lovely photograph again, Kathleen... thank you. Do the finches cause any damage when the apricots are ripening? We have a plum tree but the parrots eat more than we do :-)


Very nice one. Nice effect with the little birdie sitting on your border. Thanks.


I love this! Thanks, Pilley!