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The "Pissebækken"!

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We have almost come down and take a look backwards up the steps.


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You will stop every second minute to watch the flowers and enjoy the view!! An old Same once told us, "You must ALWAYS have time to stop and watch the view" - and indeed - give your breath a chance!! Thanks so very much PG!


Hanne I do not see Oxygen tanks along the climb. How will I ever make it to the top?


I wonder if it was put down from a helicopter!! It might be possible!! Thanks so very much Jo!!

No, anyway I wouldn't!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Yes it's good the steps are there, I don't think you can make it without.


Just imangine carrying all that wood in to this area to do the job! It's great to visually see how steep it is, thankyou both! :) :) 1:06


I love that you think about them, Ardy!! It must be awfully dangerous to climb this slope making the steps!! Thanks so very much!!

Lad os grine sammen!! Det ER komisk!! Tak Sissel!!


Flere "Pissebækken" - ohh tak jeg elsker det navn - får mig til at grine - og billederne er skønne :-)


That's really steep. Going down is much easier though than climbing back up. Thanks, Hanne. It wasn't easy building those steps. Thanks to those who did it.