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West Webster for the fallen firefighters

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This is in honor of the injured and fallen Firefighters that were killed on Christmas Eve in West Webster, NY. They were shot down when responding to a car and house fire. May God watch over them and their families.


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Arleen, I'm sorry for the the lose of Jimmie. No one should have to endure this ever! I will keep his family in my prayers. Thank you for participating in this puzzle and for leaving a comment.

The Bellaire Police Department ( Houston, Texas ) lost Corporal Jimmie Norman yesterday too. He was a 24 year veteran and was shot to death during a "routine traffic stop". Thanks for honoring those firefighters. Arleen

Our hearts and prayers go out to the families.


Thank yo Laurajane. I just wish we didn't have to post anything like this ever!


Thank you for this, lettau.