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Has Mother Nature forgotten there are other temperatures besides the below zero ones???

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Like attract like...Whenever we get this kind of snow on the ground...then it attracts the low temps ...and more snow...


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Oh. I thought my thermometer was broken it's been in the same place so long.
Lovely picture!


This is a beautiful shot, JanetJane. I love the beautiful sky in the background.


I have never lived in an area that has snow and it always looked so romantic and picturesque. It was not until I joined Jigidi that I became aware of the other aspects ie salting down and shovelling and shovelling and shovelling :~)
Your picture still makes it look absolutely picturesque though!!!


Thank you, jbp, for your very nice comment below...:))


One thing, the wind was calm... which is a rare thing these days...but still was so cold... and it was a damp cold on top of it... 85 percent humidity level ...


I can't explain why this appears cold to me. Brrrr!


your puzzle is awesome, for the title alone (plus the picture is very pretty)


To answer your question, Mother Nature hasn't forgotten. She is practicing over here - 33C today (91.4F).


Hi Drifter, January is normally the coldest month of the year here in Illinois..February generally averages a few degrees warmer here than Jan...and less snow normally falls here in Feb....I know that because my boss is a meteorologist and he likes to keep us all informed of the averages!!

Has everyone forgotton that this is febuary,the coldest month of the year and that before long it will start to warm and spring will be sprung. Most things most die before they are reborn.