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He knows how lonely I get and visits me every day...

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Horrid picture. What terrible conditions this dog has to live in. The owner should be
punished. Never could figure out why people get dogs, and then tie them up outside
without any food or water. Shame on the owner.

Interesting picture. Sad.


Beautiful creations! Absolutely disgusting people!!


Thanks, joyfulli...I absolutely love pictures of animals, because their faces can be so expressive. And my challenge is to put a caption that says what they're thinking. I also love entertaining people, so I'm pleased when there are comments made. This particular picture makes me want to cry, but I still wanted to post it. I pray that people who see animals being abused in any way will report it to the authorities.

On a trip I once commented to an owner that it was a shame to have their dog tied out in all weather and never spending any time with it and they shot back no, what is a shame is the fact that people in the US can go out and buy a gun and kill innocent people and nothing gets done about it. I couldn't argue with that logic but two wrongs still don't make a right.


Your puzzle captions are great, Marion. I enjoy them.


I had a fortnight's holiday in the Algarve ruined because there was a dog tied up like this a couple of streets away and it never stopped barking. It just broke my heart. Tried to get a toy to take home for Noggin they just looked at me as if I was mad. Had to go to a baby shop in the end for a stuffed bear. Wouldn't go there again, the Algarve that is


I'll never understand why people bother to have pets when this is how they treat them. This owner belongs behind bars!


Is this poor guy tied out there 24/7?


Break my heart! I will never understand how...Libby