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Forget those paint color wheels, THIS is the real deal

70 pieces
267 solves
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Very, very nice and interesting puzzle. I enjoyed a lot, such as in solving your the other puzzles. Thank you very much. Your name is Gail, isn't it?


The wheel deal. I should have thought of that. That'll be the title of my next wheel. Thanks, Jan.


It certainly is the real wheel deal! Fabulous colors and FUN! Thanks so much, Gail!!


Deborah, here's the link:

I'll leave a comment on one of your puzzles to make sure you see it.


Elizellen, I cannot tell you how important your comment was to me. It absolutely made my day. It's people like you that make me take the time to create my puzzles. Thank you so very much.

Rob, that was a terrific remark, and meant the world to me, as do your cheers on my puzzles.

Deb, I'll post a link to this in a smaller size after I finish this comment.


That was a toughie, Gail, but a lot of fun. And on another note, I miss your smaller puzzles. I'm a small puzzle gal.


That's such a sweet remark from elizellen isn't it Gail!!!
This one certainly popped Gail - Kapow!!! thanks!

Every night I keep looking for your puzzles and certainly this was worth waiting for.Great colors!Thanks.