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New England Aster

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This is a native Illinois wildflower which is currently in bloom along the roadsides. It's found in the top 2/3 of the state. Clusters of composite flowers occur at the ends of the upper stems. Each composite flower consists of numerous gold or yellow disk florets, which are surrounded by 30 or more ray florets that are purple, lavender, or light pink. A mature plant may bear two dozen or more of flowers, putting forth a showy display. There is no noticeable floral scent. The blooming period occurs from late summer to fall, and lasts about 2 months. Taken Sun, Sept 22, 2013 in Litchfield, IL.


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Nice ones! Hoping we get some along more roads in WI. as they are so bright and cheerful Thx laurajane.


Lovely flowers Laura!


Yes it is, Marmar, thanks! And thank you very much, Chickie, Floyd, Lorna and Graci!


Very pretty Laura!!


Lovely photo Laura.


A nice find Laura. Thank you for sharing your drive, picture and info.


Beautiful shot Laura!


Another flower in Gods' garden.


Lovey, these stood out because they were the only one of its kind, among the several other kinds of asters in bloom. I drove around for a few hours and never saw them again. Yes, they were so pretty. A splash of dark purple amidst the browning grasses along the side of the road.


They must be a pretty sight to see along the roads you travel!


I am sure that these are New England Asters, but the other photo that I posted, which I called Smooth Blue Aster...well, it could also be a Silky or Aromatic Aster. It's hard to tell!

Thank you, Lyndee, SunnyBarb, BK, Lever and Snooker. Snooker! Glad to have you back!

Beautiful photo.


Very nice, we have a lot of them in Michigan too.


We have lots of these too. One of the very few flowers in bloom in the fall season.


Soooo pretty! Thank you laurajane for the picture and the writeup :)


I'm sure I've seen these around........but you make look them sooooo pretty!


There are so many kinds of purple/blue asters, I had trouble identifying these two I posted. I think I got it right, but who knows...I could be wrong! The asters bloom late summer into fall. Between the purple and the white ones, there's a ton of them out there!

Thank you, Pumpkin and Morris! Yes, Morris, I did find a few things to post.


I knew you would find something. Nice photo of them, thanks for the info also.


A pretty aster, Laura. Love seeing them alongside the road.