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Heckle - harvesting the catnip #4

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It's December and Heckle is doing better and better, every day. I've been swirling therapeutic grade essential oils in his foods and putting oils down his spine. The growth keeps shrinking and Heckle is a crazy, adorable kitten once again.


Oh, I'm really sorry to hear Heckle isn't doing so well. How is he doing - do you have an update?

I haven't been taking as many pictures of Heckle lately. He has a growth in his mouth and I've been treating him with lots of anti-tumoral essential oils and extra nutrients. Some days he sleeps a lot. Other days, he runs around like crazy.


That is hilarious! I hope we see more photos of him soon.

He is. Yesterday, Heckle kept following me around and squeaking at me. He had just eaten, so I knew he didn't want more food. It turned out he just wanted to jump on my shoulders and ride around. I put him down after a couple minutes and he jumped up again. He kept doing this for about 20 minutes. He had me laughing so hard. Heckle puts all his energy into everything he does.


He sounds like a very amusing cat to have around!

Heckle doesn't need catnip to go crazy. Running around like crazy and investigating everything that moves or doesn't move is Heckle's life mission.


Looks like Heckle has been hitting the catnip for quite some time.