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The Manor House Outside

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This is the first collectors dolls house my daughter owned - we got it made for her 10th birthday, and she has enjoyed collecting for it ever since. We've had it about 17yrs and I don't think a dolls house ever gets completely finished as there's always room for just one more thing! I've just noticed some of the curtains aren't neat - perhaps the 'people' 'living' inside it disturbed them lol!


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LOL - Not to worry Ardy! Regarding the entrances: There is a double-width stairway going up from the pavement to the front door between the potted bushes. There is also a single-width stairway on the right, going down to the basement - I think the top step may just be visible in the picture. There is a doorway down there (underneath the double-width stairway) which is not visible in the picture. The pavement comes off the front so the front flaps can be swung back to see inside. I will try and take a better pic of the basement over the next few days, which should show you what I mean. I hope that clarifies for you! Some houses, I've noticed, don't have doors or stairways inside, and I always wonder how the 'people' are supposed to get from room to room, so I know what you mean!


Thanks Pam - Glad you like it.


Sorry Nicky, I knocked you off your board. I just wanted to be able to enlarge it so I could see it better. I didn't think I was being fast enough to be a problem. I'm trying to figure out how the family or anyone gets in the front door. There are no walkways nor steps to what seems to be a second floor entry. Thanks for sharing.

This is a really nice one. I agree. Doll houses are never quite finished.