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Jekyll Island or Bust!

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Strike me pink, you're much taller that I'd thought, Jill!

Have a great few days on Jekyll. Maybe one time we'll have a mini Jigidi Convention there :-)


Lol, Jo! What a creative thought! Oh, the grandkids love it! They are not too happy that we are going without them, lol!

Queenbee2b the coast guard!! There appears to be a giant blue alien invasion on Jekyll Island!! Great picture Jill, great idea to take it!! Much fun for the g-kids!! :) 0:27


Thanks, Hanne. In earlier years, I used to do a lot of photography, had a lot of lenses, etc. I've lately only used my phone or my Tab for pictures. It is funny that you would mention it because I got my camera out to take down there this time to try some creative photography...... :-)


This is a fine composition, Jill!! Thanks so very much!!


Thanks, Shirley. This isma photo I took of yours truly and 2 of the gbabies. ( I guess they are getting to be gkids, lol.) You are very welcome, dear friend!


Now who thought to take this picture, love it, very cute and very funny, Thanks Jill.