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Very Old Mulberry Tree In Winter (Peoria, IL)

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Marvelous tree...tons of character!!

(It's a shame this one is near a roadway.) In my mind's eye, I see it growing out near your lovely pond. What a wonderful cradle it has. In my younger years, I'd climb in there and take comfort in being snuggled close to the heart of this tree. What stories of the years gone by that it would tell me! Of the seasons marching by...of the birth and growth of life which it has been both it's joy and sorrow to have witnessed. Ah me....


HI Chris, yes I talked to Mary last night and I am meeting you all at Olive Garden for dinner... and will have to pass on that play on that night because I have to work.. I will be seeing them at Candlelight service on Christmas Eve.. hopefully , as long as weather is decent. Long drive up to the church for me, as you know.. But I will be off work in plenty of time to change my clothes and get there. Too bad you can't be there for the is always a nice one..:))


Thanks pinkie, I think you are correct about that...I had forgotten all about those silk worms and the mulberry leaves. Our climate may be too cold in the winter for silkworms...not sure, honestly.. I have some mulberry trees here on the farm and never noticed anything that ever attacks them!


Does it have silk worms on this tree? That is a silk worm favorite tree.

Will be in Peoria on Dec. 26th, approx by 3:00 Pm if weather allows. I will be staying at my aunt's house for a few days catching up with family and friends in between holidays. My departure date is not set in stone because we all know how quickly the Peoria weather can change at times.

Please call Mary, at your convenience, JanetJane, as we are in the process of trying to make some holiday plans and we would love for you to join us. ( Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, all three if you can make it! There is a play we are talking about seeing, also) I would love for you to show me around Peoria, if that would fit into your schedule. I usually just stick to my standard route and places, but I can see from puzzles that you have posted there is much that I miss seeing. Just a thought, because it sounds like a fun thing to do!

Wonderful pic, JJ.


Very cool tree jj and the lighting give it some extra pop!