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I don't KNOW its name; it is a succulent of some kind

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It is an Aeonium and some do get tall. They were brought here from Easter Island and their seasons are the reverse of ours. I started with one and now have a jungle that must be protected from frost. The woman who started the (Ruth) Bancroft Gardens in CA started with one and now has almost three acres of succulents of many varieties.


If this is an Aeonium, then we have some that might become big trees!! They never told us when we bought them!! Thanks so much Varda!


I never saw a hen-and-chicks with thorns. Is there another, different one than the succulent variety?


My grandmother kept a big corner of her garden as a thorn garden: crown-of-thorns, old-man cactus, hen-and-chicks, raspberries, barberries and fabulous roses. Every plant on that little rise had thorns or prickles, of every shape and size. We used to play a running-around game of our own invention, that included a required run (being chased) past the thorn garden. That wasn't as dangerous as the earlier required pass between the twin trunks of the mimosa tree - we always got scrapes and bruises doing that!


David, you are too much.


(hee-hee anybody else think it's cute that CHICKIEMAMA saw hens and chicks??)


I think you've nailed it, SLOm! Thanks!


It might be an Aeonium. See this page:
About a fourth of a page down there is a plant that looks a bit like the one above.


No, it's not hens and chicks; I have some of those, too.


Meant to say hens and chicks.


Hah! Hardly (the encyclopedia part - the nice part is okay with me!). I really don't know these western desert type plants. I did a google image search on succulents and came up "dry"...
I hope maybe a florist is out there who can help us out - it reminds me of several plants I've seen at the florist's.


Of course, Robbie. David is a walking encyclopedia. .. . (but a nice one)


Have you thought about taking a pix and a leaf or two to the nursery. Home Depot, etc.


When my posting limit expires, I will post something showing this plant's globular foliage, which resembles purplish artichokes


Love it!!!


A Sedum of some type?


Never seen it ppm, I googled, didn't see it under succulents, I bet David will know!